Welcome to BEASTS Town!

There are cute cuddle animals. And there are the BEASTS.

The cuddle animals from sigikid are anything but ordinary. From neurotic storks to touchy goats, to hysterical chickens, to depressive bears or to testosterone bumped bulls – the illustrious BEASTS tribe are all very peculiar characters. Any resemblance to stars, politicians, family members, bosses or colleagues is completely intended and makes them absolutely human! So, if you should get one of these wonderful cuddlies as a present you may ask yourself with a wink if you might have little in common with your BEAST…

You and your BEAST

Developmental psychologists weren’t the only ones who knew that cuddling is a basic human need even before the BEASTS became a huge success.

But we all have long assumed that outgrow the teddy bear phase by adolescence at the latest. Quite the contrary! Even adults love cuddly animals and now they no longer have to hide their feelings, thanks to the tremendous success of the BEASTS. “You are never too old for cuddling!” is this offbeat crowd´s motto, appealing to the child in all of us, waiting to be set free.

The BEASTS Story

Like most success stories, the BEASTS story did not begin with a big bang, but rather a kind of “velvet revolution”.

The smart Moonshine Gang was the first extraordinary cuddle family by sigikid to include members such as the beaver “Emmeran the Hermit” or the pig “Saltim Bocca” that captured the spirit of the times. Inspired by the “New Economy”, the sigikid designers created an extraordinary and extraordinarily successful family of cuddly friends – The Stock Market Gurus. To this day, these offbeat cuddlies remain highly sought-after. Some of them have become collectibles while others are now genuine classics and therefore still part of the current range. Following the success of these collections with grown-ups, the LiteruRatten, a funny crowd of book-loving rats such as Tobi Tolstoy, Flavio Flaubert or Sharky Shakespear, also paved the way for the BEASTS. Finally, in 2007 sigikid presented the first BEASTS collection to include the famous fellows Black Friday and Miss Money Huhn as well as some new family members such as August, the lion who scares easily and Chucky, the precocious chicken. In addition, Igor Ismirschlecht, a long-legged designer sheep, was part of the range and remains so to this day. Ever since, the BEASTS have never fit into any single category or type of species. The designers have not only been extraordinarily imaginative with the shapes, colours and beastly characters, but the team also embarks on innovative paths in their choice of wild materials, fancy characters and cultish names.

While the BEASTS were still part of the extensive sigikid assortment in 2007, they were emancipated in the following months. Since 2008 the BEASTS family has been featured in their own catalogue as well as their own website: www.beaststown.com. Many brilliant BEASTS have been created since then. Some stopped only dropped in briefly while others have stayed until today. Their fan base continued to increase with each new addition to this captivating collection, inspiring sigikid to introduce an exciting new line of bags, so you can take your BEAST wherever you go.

In December 2009 the BEASTS even conquered “Alexanderplatz” in Berlin with an elaborate moving showcase decoration at “Galeria Kaufhof” before they went on to the Nuremberg Toy Fair in February 2010 with an eye-catching performance at the sigikid booth.

But the success story of the BEASTS is far from over. Quite the contrary! The family continues to grow and even started their own online shop www.beastsshop.com in 2012.

The Making of a BEAST

The making of a beast is like the story of the chicken and the egg.

It is difficult to decide what came first: a fantastic fabric or a great idea for a new character. But one thing is for sure: Whenever the sigikid designing-team creates new beastly characters their eyes begin to glow, as this collection enables them to let their creative juices flow and do what their apt to do, experiment and embark on innovative paths.

And they aren’t extraordinarily imaginative with the animal characters alone; the combination of materials shows that the BEASTS are exceptional items of premium quality. Felt, artificial leather, velvet, taffeta and plush in all possible variations of fibres and dyes are just a few of the materials we use.

Each and every BEAST is a work of art in its own right. So, it is not surprising that it often takes weeks until the designers are satisfied with the outcome. Therefore, the BEASTS are not only made with love but also with a love of detail. Sometimes just a few stitches are all that is needed to make the crucial difference – sometimes even experts spend hours creating special facial expressions like goggle eyes, droopy cheeks or a silly grin. But these cuddly creatures with their typical charm are not truly BEASTS until they have been given a befitting name. Everyone at sigikid is involved in the naming process, not just the designers. So, a number of brilliant creations such as “Ach Goood!”, “Metusa Leo” or “Jacques Giraff” were just a few of the convincing ideas.

The BEASTS are neither a mass product nor meant to be one. The hand-made cuddlies are therefore only produced in small lots.